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I am Fernando Paez, I was born in Venezuela in 1986, I grew up in a family that despite not having professional cooks around, spend a lot of time in the kitchen. After studied for 3 years to become an engineer, I left the University, my family and my country to travel and find my on way, computers were never my thing, and I didn't really know what I wanted to do. 

I never thought about becoming a Chef, never planed, but I fell accidentally in love with cooking and hospitality. As a young immigrant without a career, restaurants is were you mostly start, but just after few months working in the service, I ended up chopping vegetables and making croquettes in Spain.

After travel around here and there, without finding myself,  always cooking and learning, but nowhere did the right click. After trying in a few cities, I landed in The Netherlands in 2013, where I finally build a career, and finally call myself, a Chef.

I worked in Hilton Amsterdam, Guts & Glory and Currently I work in Bar Centraal Amsterdam. Also I've been involved in successfully Pop Up projects, and organized catering and events since 2018. 

One of my dream is write cooking books and teach about cooking, I believe that sharing Knowledge is what makes us better.


If you are planning your next dinner party, or simply need help with your next menu, I am here to help.

Check my full list of Services for more. 



Fresh Pasta


Burrata with Cherries and Miso


Tomato and Herbs Salad






Recipes and Menu Development.


Chef at home

Order for Delivery or Take the Restaurant Experience to Home



Huizen, Netherlands


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